Shipping, Delivery & Return Policy

1. All Shipping, Email, Receipt will be conducted during business hours (Monday-Friday: 10 am-6pm)

Please be patient, no need to spam email just to inquire order status. We are not going anywhere! Checking the mutation is done manually in the order in advance so it takes time to check it out.

Receipt will be updated via email in 1x24 hours starting from the day of delivery items (not the day when you transfer, there is no activity on Sunday and public holidays on all the admin, all transactions and receipts will be processed the next day.

2. Our delivery using JNE / TIKI / Pos Indonesia (for express delivery, transfer required before 1 pm).

If the transfer is from 1 pm through to shipping YES JNE / TIKI Express / Pos Indonesia Express not trigger to send packets YES / Express on the same day, a customer is required to be willing to understand and can not file a complaint.

3. Orders that are not transferred more than 1x24 hours will be canceled automatically by the system.

When the transfer is expected to include Order No. order to speed up the checking by us (news can only be entered when the transfer via e-banking).

Do not forget to confirm payment via CONFIRM PAYMENT Here are the invoice entrant to email.

Orders that are not confirmed within 1x24 hours will be auto canceled by the system, and if there is no confirmation / notification within one week, then the payment is considered forfeited and the money is not refundable.

If you forgot to confirm, but orders have been canceled by the system, then you just do order the exact same course and immediately confirm the date of the transfer.

4. Our obligation is only to give receipt number to the customer.

More customers can track packages directly JNE / TIKI / Pos Indonesia, and in case of unwanted things (accident / negligence / delay by the courier delivery), then it was all beyond our responsibility, because we simply could not interfere and had no control over freight forwarding and internal affairs conducted by the courier company.

Customers are welcome to contact the CS / Hotline JNE / TIKI / Pos Indonesia to ask for accountability for delivery of packages that have not been up / stray / lost.

Our responsibility was limited to such items while it is in our hands and giving a receipt number to the customer. Beyond that we do as a service.

Incomplete address written order lead time product not up to address Objective and was beyond our responsibility (it is advisable to fill in the address as completely as possible).

We are not responsible if something goes wrong / delay in delivery due to wrong address in writing Delivery Address.

Insurance is provided at checkout option for customers who want to use the services of insurance. Keep in mind that insurance is only valid for packets lost, and no damage during shipping.

Option + WOOD BOX also provided for customers who are concerned about faulty goods for shipment by courier, but still will not rule out the possibility that the goods will not be damaged, can only minimize chance alone because it will not be crushed / trampled / cast.

5. not accept Refund / Return for any reason other than negligence from our side.

Negligence in question is the fault of goods delivered. Customer must include:

  • Order ID number
  • Detailed product photos
  • Photo Paper item list that is in every package
  • Front photo package contained a written paper beneficiary data

Then submit the photos + data via email – no later than one week from the date of shipment is made.

6. The complaint and the complaint will be taken care of in the range of 1-7 working days.

Refund will be made no later than 2x24 countless hours of confirmation has been given by us.

7. Damage at the time of delivery by courier outside our responsibility.

Tim admin & packing us via 2x recheck process before sending items and wraps as neat + orders as fast as possible (package always use bubble wrap / fragile notes for glassware).

You can also take advantage of the insurance & Box Wood at checkout. Keep in mind that insurance is only valid for packets lost, and no damage during shipping.