Payment method

What are method of payment in

For the convenience of shopping and facilitate the customers, we have several payment systems as follows:

1. Bank Transfer

You can make a payment by bank transfer from any bank to one of bank account within 1x24 hours after purchase. If you do not make a payment within 1x24 hours, the purchase will be canceled automatically.

After making the payment you have to fill out a confirmation form of payment via a link contained in your order details (login --> Order --> Click "#ID" who wants to be confirmed --> Click the "Confirmation").

Payment confirmation form shall be filled out completely and accurately. Not fill the payment confirmation form will result in delays in processing your order. Confirmation requires a 2x24 hours (work days) after you confirm via the web. To speed up the verification process, be sure to complete the transfer until 3 last bit. Payment status will change to "Processed" when payment has been successfully verified by our team.

What if I want to cancel orders already confirmed?

If you want to cancel your order, you can call our Customer Service at +62-(21)-58304848 or send an email to to get the next step. (Orders can only be canceled if we've received confirmation from the warehouse that the order has not been processed and not sent).